I’ve had a hard time finding what I would consider a well-rounded New Testament Church.

There are a great many churches of course, and once I’ve arrived at the remainder of ‘viable’ churches that I would consider within the pale of biblical Christian orthodoxy, that is, once I’ve eliminated the vast majority of substantially unbiblical , errant Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Liberal Protestant, and a variety of others, I arrive at my small selection of churches.

Nevertheless, even these groups have some cringe factor that makes me wish I could design my own church, and worship within that community of believers of like-minded convictions.

I am basically convinced that the Baptist model of church is closest to the biblical pattern.  I don’t see the elaborate forms of liturgy outlined in the New Testament. I’m not a paedobaptist, so I wouldn’t find that practice appropriate.

Then you have the “low church”type of service. Low on liturgy and symbol, and formality. The Baptist worship is simple, and unadorned. The preaching of the Word is the highlight of a Baptist service.

In my city most of the more biblically inclined churches fall under a charismatic model of worship. I wouldn’t attend such a church because of the errors of such theology.

The Baptists are not monolithic either. You have liberal and conservative. Then there’s the Independent Fundamental Baptist-and that further divides into Calvinistic or Arminian. Baptist in substance, but more recent in lineage is the so-called “Bible Church”. Again, not monolithic, but generally this type grew out of the Dispensational movement.

The church I currently attend is such a church. My misgivings about it are mainly that it’s contemporary in its approach to ministry. It hosted the Billy Graham Crusade in our city years ago. And some of the other associations include things like Promise Keepers. I believe the word to describe what I attend is New Evangelicalat least to some degree.

Historically, New Evangelicalism was opposed by The Fundamentalists. But not the Fundamentalists as we know them today. Today’s fundamentalism is a caricature of its historic principles. The type of fundamentalism we see today is largely isolationist, legalistic, and shallow. There are all kinds of independent Baptists, practicing fundamentalism, and frankly they are no alternative to the man-centered new Evangelical movement.           


The church I consider closest to my vision of church doctrine and practice is saddled with such a fundamentalist character. It has a bent to a type of King James Onlyism, which to me says a lot about what they think in other areas. It’s not the way to go.      

SO for the time being, I’m unable to find an ideally biblical church that stays far enough away from contemporary compromise so as to be contending for the whole truth of God’s word. Yet, not so separated as to be functionally isolated.

Anybody else in this boat? Would like others to share their church experience in light of the New Testament model of church.