Years ago, when I was part of a street evangelism effort, I heard of a group from another church who had taken a more “seeker-friendly” approach to preaching the Gospel in public. My pastor, at that time, reported how these other workers he encountered made it a habit to make sure they did not bring a bible along on their mission, or at least, not to let people see the Bible when they preached. Supposedly, this was in order not to offend the people and repel them from the message.

On the other hand, my effort was always accomplished with a Bible conspicuously displayed in hand, even held out, so that people could see that my authority was not my own, and my message had a source outside of my own whims. I considered, and still consider it, an honour to show the bible in public. After all, it’s God’s Word. I’m not concerned that people will be offended by the sight of a Bible. Of course they will be! Given man’s sinful predisposition to hate God’s Word, this is no surprise. You could be reading a novel, a newspaper, a comic, or almost anything-even a Quran-but a BIBLE??? Consider what these seeker friendly folks were doing. By concealing the Bible from public view, they were hoping to minimize the offense of the message of the Cross. Yet, it is this very message that is the power of God to save those who believe.(Romans 1:16-17). If people will be offended at the sight of a Bible, what will they do when the hear it’s message spoken?Is this not man-made wisdom at work? And so when people come to hear them, what are they being converted to? A message that is inoffensive. It’s not the saving method of the Cross. It’s not God’s way. A method that seeks to hide the Bible, will soon be changing other areas of difficulty and offense to the unsaved. It’s a pragmatic method of evangelism that wants to get more numbers of people in by the path of least resistance. With access to the Scriptures that is unprecedented in any other time in history, how can ministers of the Word dare hide the Bible from people? It is now more needful than ever to have the Book in full view!

When my bible is seen, it surely raises questions, comments, and some debate. It’s also been the cause of ridicule and spite of the unsaved. The display of my bible has allowed God given opportunities to speak about Christ. Rather than presume to get around the offense of the Gospel, I’ve simply spoken the truth and left the “numbers game” to God. Let’s not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is this very Gospel that is “according to the Scriptures” (1 Corinthians 15:3)