This is the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. I made it to Rome, and managed to get a few shots of the awesome Colosseum. Once again, I was impressed with the ancient building. Yet, as a believer in Jesus Christ, my thoughts kept going back to the days of the severe Imperial persecutions of Rome against the Christians.
There I was walking around in the arena where Roman citizens came to watch the bloodbath as ferocious animals ravaged the innocent martyrs of Christ. It is said that Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch was martyred in the amphitheater. The facts about the Colosseum can be found at the link.
My concern is how to look at this thing through the lens of faith. Knowing that it was used for gladiator fights, animal fights, and other pagan entertainments, points to the depravity of Roman civilization and they were ” laying up wrath for the day of wrath.” (Romans 2:5)

I also think back to the brothers who did not love their lives so much as to keep it for the present age. These died by faith, seeing their reward, and that suffering for Christ is of eternal significance.